Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Grandma Skeen

We went to my grandma's house for dinners and birthdays and family occasions. We picked apricots from her tree, smelled her roses, and jumped in her piles of leaves.

But what I remember her most for - is her meals --her cooking.

She baked and roasted and whipped. Her cooking was not fancy - but wonderful home cooked food. I remember roast beef, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, home made dinner rolls, and german chocolate cake--oh and of course lime jello with pears and a little ball of cream cheese inside the half pear. Her kitchen was her domain. While things were steaming and baking and cooling, we set the table and played. We were told, "Stay OUT of the kitchen!"

Here we are in her covered sun room. Her best friend Aunt Frances is standing beside her. This is where we had our meals for our big family. She had a huge table made that I think seated as many as 16 people. I just remember it being very big. On the side you see a bird cage. Grandma always had a singing yellow canary.

Below is Grandma Skeen holding newborn Julie Ann Burdette - 1950. There is a photo of her holding EVERY baby from the time my sister Lynn was born (1946)

until she held this one in 1984...great granddaughter Julie McCraw

Sunday, April 26, 2009

TWO REALLY NICE GUYS - Our son Andy and our new little guy Cody

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Because! Everybody thinks I am always serious, spiritual, always seeking answers to life, health, etc. This picture is a reminder - that there is another Marti that LOVES to wear costumes, have fun, dance, and be ridiculous. Meet Marti the GYPSY.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Grandpa gave Gweny "Arthur" which she is showing you with Grandpa

Gweny took face painting VERY seriously. Posing so you could see Thomas the Train on her cheek. And then her James the Train Tatoo!

Beauty is a very serious activity.

Squeezing in to see.....

A Model Train.

All in all - the day was wonderful - interrupted by a few grouchy unhappy times that didn't last very long. Thomas the Train was GREAT! He looked just like any child (or adult) would imagine. Adults might think this day was a bit hoaky. But just look at Gweny's face and see if SHE thought it was hoaky...NOT! (never tried to spell hoaky before...is that right?)

The qualities of a good photographer is to have your camera handy at opportune moments. I call this one, The Man in the Pan. Really. All I did was throw in some water on a pan.