Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gweny Writes to Mom

September 13, 2006

Hi mom! I'm writing you this email so you can know about my day today.

After kissing you goodbye--and telling you how much I love you--Grandma played with me for awhile until Daddy got up. Grandma moved the bouncer into the kitchen so I could watch her make Toad-in-the-hole for Daddy. I was very happy kicking and watching and listening to Grandma and Daddy talk.

Grandma put me on the floor with my chest on the boppy pillow and my legs on the floor. I could push myself up a little with my arms, kick my feet, and look around. That was really fun for about 3 minutes :-) Then I wanted to do something different.

Grandma pretended she was giving me something great (when she was actually giving me medicine) or maybe it was because her finger felt good in my mouth--or maybe I'm just getting used to the taste--ANWAY--Grandma said I was really good about taking my medicine. I didn't complain but a little tiny bit :-)

When I got tired and a little fussy Grandma took me for a walk in the Baby Bjorn, and you know what? I went to sleep right away!

We came home in time for Daddy to kiss me goodbye. He has a scratchy fuzzy face--that makes me make faces--and I love it.

Grandma read me a couple of books. I think I liked Brown Bear best because the pictures were so easy for me to see. (Don't tell Grandma, but I wasn't that interested.)

By 8:30--I had had a pretty long and active morning. I was getting tired and fussy and hungry. Grandma gave me the pacifier and that helped me calm down for awhile, but I made it clear that I wasn't going to be easy to please. That’s when Grandma called you to see if she could feed me a little early. M-m-m-m the bottle of your milk was great. I drank and drank 2 1/2 ounces. While I was drinking Grandma played with my legs and pushed against my foot. I showed her how strong I was by kicking my foot against her hand. She thought that was great--so I did it again! :-)

OK--now I got fussy. Did NOT want any more milk--and I think my tummy bothered me or something. I felt better when Grandma picked me up and walked around. In fact I felt so good I fell asleep in her arms. She laid me down and I went to sleep for about 10 minutes....until Grandma remembered she hadn't given me my medicine! She turned on the light in my room; I woke up sweet and didn't complain much about the medicine. But of course now I am AWAKE. Grandma made the mobile move and play music. I watched it for a long time until I got bored. "Come and get me Grandma!"

She walked around and talked to me and it took her awhile to figure out I was fussy because I was still hungry (9:45 am). M-m-m...she fed me and I got sleepy....until she put medicine in my mouth. Would someone please just let me sleep?! And I would have--except my diapers were wet and dirty. Finally Grandma got her act together and got it all done: Food, Medicine, and clean diaper and hm-m-m....what? good night (10:00 am)

At about 10:45 am I woke a little with my legs up in the air. Grandma turned me over on my tummy and gave me some supervised tummy time while I continued to sleep. It felt good to be a in a different position.

2:45 I woke up
3:00 Bottle, diaper change, fuss, and bottle again
Also watched Baby Einstein DVD for Language--watched it probably 15 minutes
Then I got restless.
Grandma read me a book and put me down by the window.
I went to sleep, and woke up just when you came in the door :-) HI MAMA!

September 14, 2006

Hi Mom!

Just wanted to tell you about my day after you kissed me goodbye this morning.

Daddy took good care of me while Grandma was shopping. He had me on his lap while he was working on the computer. When Grandma got home about 11:00 I woke up and got fussy. Dad said you were hungry--and Grandma was pretty sure 11:00 was the right time for me to eat. So I got my bottle at 11:00 a.m. Yum! Thanks Mom. I drank 2 oz pretty easy. Grandma kept poking me and making me sit up whenever my eyes started closing. What's that all about? She sure got excited when I opened my eyes--so I drank another ounce for her just so I could watch her get excited. She's funny. Then Grandma gave me my medicine. Yuk! That's my reward????

Since I was still awake, Daddy and grandma worked together giving me a bath. Grandma did the scrubbing and daddy did the rinsing. The water felt so good and warm. The bath was fun. Still alert and awake, Grandma took me with her to listen to Dad practice his guitar while Grandma encouraged me to drink the rest of my bottle. I don't know what the big deal was exactly, but after pinching me and sitting me up to open my eyes--I finally finished the last drop. Grandma let out a whoop like she was having a party. Anyway, she was real happy I finished the bottle. Of course, when I was happy and sleepy she put medicine in my mouth and woke me up. I didn't complain too much. Just enough to let her know I thought it was a dumb idea.

Grandma laid me down in my crib and I slept. At 1:25 pm I woke a little bringing up my legs and trying to change my position. She thought maybe I would like some tummy time--so she turned me over and I settled right to sleep to finish my dreams. She's sitting next to me now while I dictate my thoughts to her. We are really good at E.S.P. :-) I'm sleeping with my legs bent under me and my bottom in their air. Grandma thinks I look cute in that position--but then she seems to think I look cute in EVERY position. Silly Grandma.

At 2:12 p.m. I got restless with my neck in the same position for 45 minutes, so Grandma turned me over again on my back. That felt better. I moved around a little bit and rested some more. Then you came home just when I was ready to wake up. Hi Mama!

WRITTEN IN September 06

I’m Still on Vacation

My mind is still on vacation at Julie’s

Stepping into the cathedral quiet rain forest

Surprised it is so close to our sitting and watching TV

I’m still walking the trail with her yellow lab as our senses come alive in the shaded damp forest scent

Eyes dancing from fern to sunbeam through the trees

“Just a trail,” I thought, “a pretty walk”…until

I stepped into God’s Cathedral forest

Sometimes beauty is so unexpected,

I meet it with a surprised intake of breath and awe.

He is here in this place of quiet

Enjoying the coolness

This meeting place where words and thoughts are set aside

For gazes and deep breaths and amazed sighs.

Wordless beauty

Bathed in peace.

I’m still on vacation

Laughing in double sol

Our guards melting into adventurous cheating and catching

Punishing and laughing.

A game my mother plays with practiced hand—Julie too

Who knows when such silliness will come to life?

It didn’t come to life with rolling dice which was almost a sleepy chase to see who could get there first.

But then a game of cards emerges with two professionals and one beginner.

1000 points in dice did not boost the enthusiasm like catching someone’s mistake.

She saw it and I didn’t and an extra card slapped my way

amid protests of complaints and sighs of compliance.

Tension rises as each person’s intent grows to catch and not be caught.

In this game, our should’s and ought to’s were tossed aside except for the placement of cards and the laughter and glee at catching and getting caught.

We got to see each other new in ways never captured shopping or watching TV.

I’m still on vacation as mom and I express our gratitude with gifts of chores needed

but set aside by Julie for more pressing or less focused times.

My prayerful eyes surveyed the landscape to see what I could do that would boost the soul—every soul. What chore, what gift could I offer?

For Saturday we chose the front yard—still

pretty but needing attention.

We weeded and pulled and dug and raked. We trimmed and mowed and swept. We shopped for flowers and bulbs and mother found their homes in the flower beds.

Standing back and taking pictures, the yard was clean and neat and ready for the coming winter.

Hard work and deep satisfaction.

I’m still on vacation—a somewhat commissioned decorator.

Out pops decorative items and ideas for mantels and dining room and entertainment center.

The purpose driven detective decorator in me searches and unveils items needed and discarded.

And after the flurry—a mantle sparkles with tiny lights, orange berries, and candles.

A dusted entertainment center is cleared and rearranged with RELAX and Luke and decorated egg on top. Overhead baskets and star blend with the dark wood in contrast to the gold yellow wall.

The dining room basks with autumn leaves and candles,

new placemats and contrasting plates—ready for the harvest meals.

My mind is still on vacation

A bit nervous on the way late to Contra Dancing.

Driving a long way to a school, I think,

and a downstairs room looking older than me

with wooden floors and a stage.

A ragamuffin group of expectant people

wearing their choice of dancing clothes.

Jeans and T shirts, blouses and swirling skirts.

Tennis shoes and jazz shoes to no shoes at all.

Quick verbal instructions from my sister wanting to help me in my first dancing.

Could I do it?

Would I be foolish and faltering in my steps?

Would I be sorry and rather sit and watch?

What have I done by jumping off this platform to dance?

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

I didn’t know if I would like to dance, but wanted to more than not.

“Yes, but I’m new and haven’t done this before.”

My undaunted partner steps with me out to the dance floor and amid confused mind and baffled feet

I listen to foreign instructions and bumble through a brief practice.

The music starts and off we go into vaguely familiar territory. I know the swing and doh se doh, but other steps and directions catch me dumb. My partners' gentle nudges and encouraging smiles help my awkward body remember a smoother way. Can I do this?

By the time the evening is over with many dances under my belt,

I DID IT! Partners rejoiced when I got it right.

I didn’t hide and go away.

I risked and tried and had a wonderful time.

Thank you Julie for encouraging me to share your new joy in dancing.

Julie is my adventurous sister.

Stepping into fearful divorce alone with six children

Wading through depression

And keeping her children close and prayed for.

Unwavering faith into each fearful place.

Weathering loss and homelessness

No jobs and new jobs

New homes and children faltering in their young adult lives.

Never have I seen such closeness in a family.

Obvious love and devotion for a mom that has weathered the storms with faith and a smile.

Julie is my adventurous sister

Buying and selling homes on her own

Dancing alone with new partners to swing
I am tickled and please to see joy reborn

On her face

In her voice

In her body

A dance resurrection that breathes new life into her soul.

Julie is my adventurous sister

And now it seems God sheds his grace on her.

Beautiful home and yard,

Good job, wonderful church.

We are only waiting for her new friends to come and discover her.

Friends that are looking for an adventure ;-)

Relaxing in the hot tub.

The forest in the background of Julie's hot tub is the cathedral forest mentioned near the beginning.

Julie and I in front of Lake Stevens