Saturday, June 27, 2009


Drove to Arroye Grande today to see Cody. He's bigger and redder and was very glad to see us.

All the dogs were in a big pen practicing "Down" "Stay." Their leash was attached to the fence, so they were not going anywhere.

There were a few dogs that were really having trouble with the whole idea. They would whine, or get up, or bark. None of these behaviors was acceptable. There were two dogs in particular that caught our attention: Marilyn and Lola.

Marilyn was the tiniest of all the dogs, probably a toy chihuahua. "MARILYN BE QUIET!" "MARILYN DOWN." "NO! MARILYN"

Lola was a black and white chihuahua of a little bigger stature - but she got the same corrections, "Lola! Be quiet. Lola DOWN. No Lola."

Somehow every time we heard those names, we couldn't help but giggle - especially with "Marilyn".