Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Now this is NOT to disparage the forwards I get - or even some of the newsletters I subscribe to. It's just....when I open up the list of emails - there is always a hope in me...."Did I get some real mail? My eyes search down the list and..."there one is! A FRIEND!" and I get to read a message or a response.

And then there are the times I open up my server and click on the INBOX and there's nothing but reminders, forwards, and newsletters. That's OK I tell myself, but that doesn't take away the slight disappointment.

Just want you to know - that when I get an email from you - it gives a spark to my day and a smile on my face. It is always good to hear from my family or a friend. How are you anyway? :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Summer was: Seeing my family - son Andy and Lyndsey and granddaughter Gwen, daughter Julie and Sean from Colorado - and my sister Julie from Seattle to help with Dad who was having issues with his assisted care facility. In the in-between time I was wonderfully involved in my H Street ministries - having all kinds of fun with kids - and sharing God's love with them. Other than that...

Oh, Gwen had her second birthday and I made her a book from which turned out really cute. I LOVE being a grandma! Gwenevere Scout is so much fun! I got to take care of her two times this summer while mom and dad were on vacation for the weekend. Come December Lyla Starr will be added to the family and Gweny will have a little sister :-)

Ron and I are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law. They and their families fit so nicely and are such a great addition. I always wanted a big family. Now I have 5 kids.

My summer and my life always includes my angel daughter Kelsey. Patient, sweet, and responsive. She is woven into the rhythm of my life. Feeding, bathing, talking, praying, changing. Kelsey is my bright light. Her constant presence and patience is always a reminder of God's incredible patience with me.

Ron taught summer school for his last time this year. Summer for us is projects, eating out, visiting friends and family, and Ron has been reading LOTS of mystery novels and watching LOTS of baseball. His biggest project for the past year or so has been getting well. He keeps making progress. I help when I can, but have started getting out of the way to let him do this his own way. He has found several professionals that have been very helpful. I pray and nag once in awhile and am starting to get back the capable, energetic husband that is so much fun.

So now we are back into the new school year. Starting the school year is MUCH MORE a new year for me than January. Things really do start fresh in the fall - classes, schedules, appointments, all getting back into a routine of getting things done instead of a semi-vacation mode during the summer.

Last semester I took Spanish 1AB at Bakersfield College, and I plan to audit 1B this semester as review. I loved it and got the best grade in the class (brag, brag) but I really need the review before I go into second year. I have lots of opportunity to use my Spanish - so I am gradually building in my ability.

Think that's all for now. Just letting you know I AM still alive.
H Street Ministries - Chapter One

You really don't know much about me if you don't know about my relatively new family. Almost 2 years ago, God invited me to see what he was doing in an apartment complex on H Street. I knew one person who lived there, because she used to be part of a women's home with Tehillah Ministries.

A women's home is available to women on a volunteer or court-ordered basis to help them get off drugs and get their life straight. To become part of this women's home, a person must decide to accept Christ into their lives. Ruth did - and she was very excited about her new life in Christ. As a part of the women's home, my friend (I'll say her name is Ruth) came to my house almost every week to help me clean. I am not naturally motivated to clean--so having somebody come over just for that purpose really helps get me going. Ruth (not her real name) and I got along really great. She was a good hard worker and we had lots of conversation and prayer together.

In rehabilitation, a person's life is very structured. Everybody gets up early in the morning, does chores, goes to Bible Study, works, goes to church etc. (That is if the rehab is faith-based). After one year, Ruth graduated with flying colors. Her mom had been taking care of her 5 children during that time - and left to go back to LA as soon as Ruth came home to the apartment. Ruth came home to 5 children, no job, no car, and the very same environment where she had previously been on drugs. NOT GOOD.

After two months, I looked her up because the other house-cleaning situation was not working out. Ruth and I had a friendship and a good rhythm together. I needed her. Ruth was not doing well. She was utterly overwhelmed with no structure, no job, no car, and 5 children. She managed to limp along with the children's needs, but mostly she slept to avoid getting back into drugs.

I started picking her up to come and clean my house--but 50% of the time she wouldn't make it. She was sick, or too tired, or had a toothache, or........... I prayed and did not give up. In my visits, I got to know her children - 5 pretty sweet kids living in chaos (I will use that word a lot).

At church I was leading a Wednesday night group on prayer. What we did was pray--different kinds of prayer; contemplative, warfare, sidewalk prayer (praying as you walk different areas). We were having quite an experience together with God. Our last class - we went to the apartment complex on H Street and knocked on doors to pray for anyone who wanted prayer. Several people wanted prayer - and the kids flocked around us to be prayed for. I got kind of an idea what it might have been like to have Jesus, and have kids surrounding you.

I started to go on my own to the apartment complex just to pray and read scripture. I would find a chair in the courtyard and sit against a wall and pray and read scripture. Isaiah 28 came up over and over as scripture God lead to me. Victor Matthew's warfare prayer inspired me to pray over this apartment and the people living there.