Monday, July 23, 2007


On July 18 2007 we started our trip with Kelsey in our new Toyota Prius to Colorado to see Julie and Sean.
Thursday July 19: We pulled into Julie's driveway around 7:30 or 8:00 p.m.


In front of Julie and Sean's door as we walk in the doorway...IS A HUGE BOULDER!
Evidently that is how the city got its name. You never know when a boulder might fall in your path. This mammoth boulder broke off and fell on Julie and Sean's doorstep from here:

It is so good to see Julie and Sean! Ron had never seen their home--and Julie has decorated beautifully! It is homey, pretty, spacious, and comfy. I didn't focus on taking pictures that show you how pretty it is, but I DID take pictures to show you how pretty it is OUTSIDE. They live on acreage--LOTS of acreage with cattle and horses. One of the first mornings I was there I got up early and went on a walk with Kenna. Since she deserted me, why don't you come with me on my morning walk. It is absolutely beautiful!

Out the doorway...

Through the front entry....

Up the walkway....

Into THIS!

What a beautiful morning for a walk!

Home from our walk to see Julie and Amos.

Grocery shopping at Safeway with Ron--who terrorized us with his motorized chair.
inner at Julie and Sean's with Janice and Clark.

Barbecued Bratz, corn on the cob, dinner salad, and chocolate covered strawberries and blueberries for dessert.

Went to Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar and rode with Clark and Janice in Bugsy touring UC Colorado campus.

Sunday July 22:
Harry Potter with Janice Oldroyd in the afternoon.

Italian restaurant for dinner at Raddo's near where Sean had been studying.


Watching "Finding Neverland" in the evening

Monday July 23

Julie and I shop. Kenna shows off her new booties so she can walk in the snow and hot pavement with comfort.

Ah-h-h...perfect fit.

Rockies game: This was DEFINITELY a highlight for Ron. Beautiful stadium and GREAT game against the Padres. A close one that the Rockies brought in at the end. Ron became a new Rockies fan...(after the Dodgers of course).

Sean Ron and Julie with their happy faces.

I spend a quiet evening home with Kelsey--writing about our trip on my blog.

Chilling out watching TV
(I think it is a baseball game)

Reading is what you do here.

...and here

or homework between turns playing 3-13.

During the game, Julie laughing at something ridiculous
that MOM said....and Julie couldn't stop. Something
about fermented beans.... (you had to be there).

Dinner at Steuben's, a Sixty's Diner

Delicious comfort food: fried chicken with mashed potatoes, meatloaf with veggies. Great place!

Driving home: ANOTHER great sunset!

Crazy in the car time…blaugh#@

And then, our last dinner out
before we Chataqua's
a famous historical dining hall.

The Chautauqua Dining Hall was built in 1898 and is part of a National Historic Landmark in Boulder.

We never can remember to take the picture of our food until we have eaten it. Hot Fudge Brownie was delicioius. As you can see we shared :-)

Time to go back to California.

This is Julie’s invention for her dad since there was no railing for him to hold onto. This is her version of a portable railing. Pretty clever, and worked GREAT

Bye Kenna.

Bye Amos

Bye Sean…where’s a picture of Julie?

Packing last items.

Are you ready Kelsey?

Off we go--through beautiful Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and home.

All in all, a wonderful trip and a GREAT visit!