Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ebay--"Oh my!"

So Gwen Scout visited and LOVED playing the little Discovery House. Since I was hoping to keep it here--and yet it is perfect for her now--I surfed eBay to see if they had one. THEY DID! I ordered it! It's being shipped to their house!.......and then I looked a little more carefully, and they have no little people. WHAT? no little people?!! Isn't that the whole point?

Then I start looking for BIG little people. I find some--I bid. I have 45 minutes until it closes--and so I think, what the heck I'll look for other stuff on eBay. I get absorbed. I find other stuff I REALLY want for my grandkids....and I lose the bid! Yikes! I REALLY wanted those little people.

Then I find a new feature in eBay called BidAssist--which is cool, because they will keep bidding for you even if you are gone. Maybe I wouldn't have lost the other bid because I could put a maximum bid that I was willing to pay.

I looked at some other things I had on my watch list--set them up for bid assist--and now I am waiting for two to six days to find out if I win or not.

This really is a lot like gambling isn't it? I just got through telling Ron we needed to cool it on purchases. Think I better stay away from eBay for awhile.

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