Monday, December 08, 2008


I used to be a reader. I think as soon as I could read well enough to read through a book - I did. I particularly remember 6th through 8th grade. I was a voracious reader. Because I loved horses and everything connected with horses - I literally (no pun intended) read EVERY horse book in the preteen section of the library. Having exhausted horses I went to dogs and read EVERY book in THAT section. There weren't many animal books left after that, at least not all together like a series - so I moved my interest to science fiction, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, to name a few.

I loved reading so much that it seemed logical to become an English Major. I didn't know that by becoming an English Major I made reading a job. Now I was reading because I HAD to. Not good. But after I graduated and got married - I still managed to get engulfed in some good books like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, etc.

I am the kind of reader - that if the book catches me - I'm DONE. Nothing else exists until I finish. The whole outside world disappears and the unraveling story and I are locked until I finish and come out of my cave into the open light of real life. As a child I often got into trouble for reading into the night. I didn't care. I took a flashlight with me and read under the covers. I WAS A DETERMINED READER.

The responsibilities of life kept building and pressing itself on me and the new joys of children and play replaced my reading. Reading was no longer practical. No one could afford for me to disappear for two days until my book was finished. And somewhere in the back of my mind was my mother yelling for me to "Put that book down and do the dishes!" (or whatever task it was I was trying to escape through my reading). So, somehow, through the years reading got paired with guilt and dampened by the "work" of being an English Major.

I don't read much any more. I do read lots of books - but only occasionally do they grab me and pin me down for a day or so, partly because I can't find them - and partly because I'm not really looking.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Do you speak Spanish? ¿Habla usted español? Yo tengo muchas oportunidades para hablar. Yo tengo dos amigas adultas y dos amigas jóvenes que ayúdame. Este semestre decidió no tomar una clase de español. Decidió hablar más con mis amigos. Hay muchas oportunidades para hablar. Por eso estoy agradecido.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Sorry about the no blog thing. Right now life is too good to sit and ruminate. Besides, I gotta go walk right NOW! I keep reading/hearing that as you grow older you have to work twice as hard to keep up your muscle mass. And lately I've noticed, "Hey! where is my muscle?" So exercise I must.

Little joke: Last year for Christmas Ron bought us a Wii set. My son recently asked me if I was doing Wii Fit. My answer: "Wii don't have Wii Fit so Wii is not fit." :-)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Congratulations President Obama.

I pledge, to the best of my ability to respect the office of Presidency and President Obama.
I pledge that whenever I can be supportive, I will be.
I pledge to pray as long and hard for President Obama as I did for President Bush.

I am grateful to our God that I can cast my anxieties on him because he cares for me.
I pray for the hearts and lives of all American citizens to be drawn to God and convicted of their need for Jesus Christ. After Bush, I no longer believe that a president can make the difference in our nation - it is the people of God - who take God seriously or ignore him that will and ARE determining the future of our nation.

I pray that God uses and directs this new enthusiasm for our new President to bring about goodwill and peace - and the rift that has become so strong in the past several years, will be softened.

For so long a people have believed they were not represented. Bless them now as they ARE represented by the highest office in the world. Bless us all Lord with unequaled amounts of wisdom and mercy for each other.

I pray your blessings upon President Obama to bring about peace to the citizens of the United States.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, November 03, 2008

How I wish I lived in a swing state

Maybe I wouldn't like it - because I imagine they are bombarded mercilessly with phone calls and people knocking on their door imploring them to vote a certain way. But I would know my vote counts. In California - it is an illusion. At least it seems so.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Letter to a Friend on the Election

Dear _______,

When surrounded by logical well-meaning people - it is easy to be influenced by their thinking. After all, these are people who are intelligent and very nice. Their arguments are convincing.

I was astonished when your dad told me that you were for Obama. Mostly because I have always considered you to be an independent thinker that was willing to stand up against the rest of the crowd. You are the woman who is willing to dance to a different drum.

I am not going to try to convince you to change your mind. For you - that would be like declaring war! :-)

No, rather I would like to challenge you to spend one 24 hour period listening to the other side, reading from the other side - and prayerfully considering their position. (Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Fox News,, Focus on the Family, etc.)

In addition, I want you to know this. Concerning this or any other election - there is a spiritual perspective as well, and it is this. God's people are in a position before God with great and massive sin. The statistics of our participation in abortion, divorce, abuse, and pornography is NO DIFFERENT than the secular world. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO GETS THE PRESIDENCY if Christians do not take 2 Chronicles 7:14 VERY SERIOUSLY.

2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

The point? If Obama wins - and God's people are repentant and turn humbly to God - He will heal our land. If McCain wins - and God's people are repentant and turn humbly to God - He will heal our land.

If we don't. HE WON'T! All the major Christian leaders of our nation and the world see God's judgment weighing heavily over us. Very soon we will be getting what we deserve if God's people don't turn to him and repent.

Am I saying that it doesn't matter who gets the presidency? No. I believe voting for Obama puts our nation at great risk. What I am saying is that without repentance, with Obama - destruction is sooner. with McCain - destruction is postponed. That is all.

God bless you. I am very proud of you for your major in engineering. I know that represents incredible hard work and determination. You go girl!! Marti McCraw

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cut the cost of butter in 1/2!

I occassionally buy butter with canola oil so it spreads easier. Then it dawned on me that I could mix butter with my OWN canola oil. I've been doing this for a couple of months now - and the butter is delicious (but I do have to add some salt).

For the second tub I blend in a freshly grated garlic clove. Oh my! It is really good on sour dough toast - and SO MUCH EASIER than wrapping it in foil with garlic salt and butter.

All you need is one cube of butter. Let it get to room temperature. Add the 1/2 C oil and blend. I just keep re-using the butter tubs I already had.

Prayer for 2500 H Street

(Abortion Clinic)

Lord, when you brooded over the earth – and spoke light into the darkness – and separated the water from the land—you had a good and wondrous plan for this piece of land we now call 2500 H Street. Holy Father – we love you – and know that you reign supreme over all. Satan has claimed this land for his kingdom of destruction and death - but Lord, today, in the name of Jesus, we reclaim this land for life and the glory of God. Circle this property Lord, and all the people in it. Establish truth and righteousness on this land.

Holy Father, we consecrate this land to holiness and righteousness. We anoint this land in the name of Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit to belong to the one true God and no one else. Lord we dedicate this property you – the Truth, the Life, and the Light. O Lord, my Lord, how majestic is your name on 2500 H Street. May this building be transformed by you into a house of life. Cleanse this property Oh Lord. Wash it with the blood of your Son Jesus Christ and banish every evil spirit that dwells here. May every curse and hex placed on this building boomerang on its author. Banish Satan and his demons from all abortion in our city and send them where they belong into the lake of fire.

Lord, bring out your plans for this land. Replace the sounds of sobs and tears into sounds of joy and laughter. May it become a place of worship inside and out. Already Lord the circumference of this land has been established as a place of worship. Already Lord your saints have washed the sidewalks with their tears. Honor the prayers of your saints. Honor the words of scripture and love that have already made their home on this land. Pour your blessings on the songs of worship that have been sung celebrating and honoring you as Our Holy Father.

Lord where there has been fear – establish your peace. Where there has been anger – establish your love. We praise your name for the transformation that has already begun on this land. We sing great hallelujahs for the lives that have been saved on this property. I am amazed Holy Father at your amazing love that draws your people to this place as a place of prayer. Thank you for establishing this place as yours. Thank you Lord for bringing your people here and establishing your holy church by their prayers and their presence. Thank you Lord. Your goodness and your power is more than I can comprehend.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Forgive me if this message comes from out of the blue. For me it doesn't. I was asked to write the prayers on the blog for the local 40 Days for Life. These 40 days are a time of fasting and praying for our nation and for the victims and perpetrators of abortion - for God to bring an end to abortion in our nation. It is interesting and not a mistake that these 40 days coincide with the 40 Days to Pray the Vote that ends in the election of our new president. God's people are praying for our nation. If you are already praying THANK YOU!. If not, please join us for the next 25 days.

After listening to the news last night - perhaps because of the accumulation of news over the past weeks - it finally became clear to me that these 40 days are critical. Then I remembered the story of Jonah and their response of fasting. I didn't realize until I re-read the passage - that Jonah warned them of 40 days before judgment. Really! Oh my!

Jonah 3:3-5 Jonah obeyed the word of the LORD and went to Nineveh. Now Nineveh was a very important city—a visit required three days. (It takes three days to drive across the United States) 4 On the first day, Jonah started into the city. He proclaimed: "FORTY MORE DAYS and Nineveh will be overturned." 5 The Ninevites believed God. They declared a fast, and all of them, from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth.

Lord, we are not yet through your 40 days until the election. The Ninevites only needed ONE announcement! Lord God almighty – you have established your 40 day warning throughout the land. You have called your people to 40 days of prayer and fasting through 40 Days For Life and the Presidential Prayer Team’s 40 Days to Pray the Vote. You have sent your Jonahs. They are HERE.

Lord as your judgment wheels continue to roll through our nation. HELP us to hear your warning. We think a mere 5 minute prayer in the morning will assuage your wrath? We think one or two days of fasting will stop your judgement?

Lord let the terror of your truth descend upon your holy ones and bring them in desperate remorse to your heavenly throne. Give them voice and let their message be heard throughout the land. Let us respond as Ninevah Lord. “The Ninevites believed God. They declared a fast, and all of them, from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth.”

Too long we have believed - you will give America another chance. Too long we have depended on you to extend your grace one more year. Too long have we grown comfortable with the detestable practices around us.

Finally, Lord, the warning signs are noticed even by the ungodly. Finally, Lord there is a sense of impending doom for the godly and the ungodly. Don’t let up until your holy ones are on their knees calling out to you for the Spirit of Repentance to fall on our nations. Don’t let up until WE BELIEVE YOU and declare a fast from the greatest to the least. It isn’t a game anymore – we can’t pretend anymore that things are OK.

Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us!

Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Over enthusiastic beginnings

Fall is my new year. It is when things start over gain. Maybe it is a layover from my school days. Maybe it is because my husband is a high school teacher for 30 years. But mostly, I think it is because summer is a time to take a break from schedules and deadlines and events - and just bar-b-que, or swim, or go to the mountains, or sit in your back ground and watch the trees grow. Beautiful. Evenings last forever. Dinners start later. Summer is more laid back

But FALL. Now it is time to schedule new things, make new commitments, reconstruct those dreams and get moving! I love it! The sky is the limit. I can do anything!...until October....and then NOVEMBER...and Oh my gosh DECEMBER! Which makes me eager for a little pull away in January. A little MORE pull away in February - a retreat in March - A frenetic April and May (finishing all those deadlines, dreams, and events that I committed to) and finally SUMMER! An excuse to set all those terribly demanding items in my life down and concentrate on blue skies, swimming pools and barbecues.

Mind you that woven throughout all of these laid back and frenetic days - is woven all the regular every day stuff that must be attended; grocery shopping, bills, taxes, birthday and xmas shopping, etc.

Well - I think I have been overenthusiastic this fall. I have led with my heart and over-committed and now I want out! I even had a dream about a guy that was so obsessed with his work that he had to take a one week vacation and let someone else take over. That would be ME. Why is it that perfectionism is often paired with procrastination? Isn't that a mean trick?

So now I am asking God to show me how to cut back, shorten up, crop, and simplify. "My burden is light, my yoke is easy." So what the heck am I doing with this huge unwieldly yoke on my shoulders? I'm taking this thing off for awhile so I can walk with Jesus and let him show me how to do it. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Vacuum Cleaner In My Day

Yesterday in my devotional I was encouraged to lay out my schedule and ask God, "Do you want me to make any changes? Is there anything I need to be aware of?" And along with the scripture I was reading - that if I love Jesus I will obey him--we wrote together a list of items for the day for which I would seek to be obedient.

This morning I looked over my list - and everything I had circled and desired to accomplish had been accomplished.

I practiced obedience when I went grocery shopping (I didn't want to). I practiced obedience when I took good care of Kelsey (she is woven into my day). I practiced obedience when I brought out the vacuum cleaner to take to the apartment which badly needed vacuumed. I set it behind the car to put it in as soon as I got a few other things, realized I was late, hurried and got my stuff....and yes, you guessed it, I drove over the vacuum cleaner. I heard a little thump and thought maybe all would be well. I got out to check. All was not well. I picked up my broken vacuum cleaner like a limp baby and put it in the back and wondered, "God? Got any help for me here?"

When stuff like this happens - because it is ministry related (I was on my way to the Bible Study at the apartment with 3 apartment women) I understand spiritual warfare is in play. Then I get excited because I know God is about to do something important. Satan always gets anxious when he is going to lose ground.

But I thought maybe I was being a little presumptuous about this - and started asking God if there was more. Yes, there was more. IF I had looked at the little screen on my Prius which HAS A CAMERA ON WHEN I AM BACKING UP - I would have SEEN the vacuum cleaner. If I hadn't been in a hurry - and had LOOKED at the screen which I had paid for - my vacuum cleaner would still be alive. Little lesson: God has provided everything I need - but I need to slow down, look, and listen.

So, on the way to the Bible Study I considered my ways and tried not to lean on my own understanding. That means being remorseful but not beating myself up. I prayed the repair would not be expensive - and went on my way to a Bible Study for which no one showed.

That's OK. I spent the hour with Jesus and then drove to the vacuum cleaner place where we had purchased my vacuum cleaner. He looked up the warranty (we had bought it from him) and it had a 7 year warranty and the replacement and repair WOULD BE COVERED! Not only that, but he showed me how to put the cloth bag inside out and wash it in the washing machine. So at the end of the day--I would have a vacuum cleaner nicer than the one I brought in.

So, was this the work of the devil? Maybe. Was it the work of God? Absolutely. What an incredible God I have who weaves every incident into my life with love and care. God help me to notice and be grateful.

PS: That night we went out to dinner with a couple from the apartment - and may have had a huge spiritual breakthrough with both of them. Satan loses more territory. Go JESUS! :-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just read three articles in Discover Magazine [online] on presidentially related topics. This is supposed to be a science magazine - but all the articles clearly lean toward and support the Obama side of things. REALLY! in a science magazine? Isn't science supposed to be objective?

Check it out for yourselves:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dr Mercola
The Presidential Prayer Spanish
Southwest Airlines
Yahoo! Reminder
Oriental Trading Company

Now this is NOT to disparage the forwards I get - or even some of the newsletters I subscribe to. It's just....when I open up the list of emails - there is always a hope in me...."Did I get some real mail? My eyes search down the list and..."there one is! A FRIEND!" and I get to read a message or a response.

And then there are the times I open up my server and click on the INBOX and there's nothing but reminders, forwards, and newsletters. That's OK I tell myself, but that doesn't take away the slight disappointment.

Just want you to know - that when I get an email from you - it gives a spark to my day and a smile on my face. It is always good to hear from my family or a friend. How are you anyway? :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Summer was: Seeing my family - son Andy and Lyndsey and granddaughter Gwen, daughter Julie and Sean from Colorado - and my sister Julie from Seattle to help with Dad who was having issues with his assisted care facility. In the in-between time I was wonderfully involved in my H Street ministries - having all kinds of fun with kids - and sharing God's love with them. Other than that...

Oh, Gwen had her second birthday and I made her a book from which turned out really cute. I LOVE being a grandma! Gwenevere Scout is so much fun! I got to take care of her two times this summer while mom and dad were on vacation for the weekend. Come December Lyla Starr will be added to the family and Gweny will have a little sister :-)

Ron and I are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law. They and their families fit so nicely and are such a great addition. I always wanted a big family. Now I have 5 kids.

My summer and my life always includes my angel daughter Kelsey. Patient, sweet, and responsive. She is woven into the rhythm of my life. Feeding, bathing, talking, praying, changing. Kelsey is my bright light. Her constant presence and patience is always a reminder of God's incredible patience with me.

Ron taught summer school for his last time this year. Summer for us is projects, eating out, visiting friends and family, and Ron has been reading LOTS of mystery novels and watching LOTS of baseball. His biggest project for the past year or so has been getting well. He keeps making progress. I help when I can, but have started getting out of the way to let him do this his own way. He has found several professionals that have been very helpful. I pray and nag once in awhile and am starting to get back the capable, energetic husband that is so much fun.

So now we are back into the new school year. Starting the school year is MUCH MORE a new year for me than January. Things really do start fresh in the fall - classes, schedules, appointments, all getting back into a routine of getting things done instead of a semi-vacation mode during the summer.

Last semester I took Spanish 1AB at Bakersfield College, and I plan to audit 1B this semester as review. I loved it and got the best grade in the class (brag, brag) but I really need the review before I go into second year. I have lots of opportunity to use my Spanish - so I am gradually building in my ability.

Think that's all for now. Just letting you know I AM still alive.
H Street Ministries - Chapter One

You really don't know much about me if you don't know about my relatively new family. Almost 2 years ago, God invited me to see what he was doing in an apartment complex on H Street. I knew one person who lived there, because she used to be part of a women's home with Tehillah Ministries.

A women's home is available to women on a volunteer or court-ordered basis to help them get off drugs and get their life straight. To become part of this women's home, a person must decide to accept Christ into their lives. Ruth did - and she was very excited about her new life in Christ. As a part of the women's home, my friend (I'll say her name is Ruth) came to my house almost every week to help me clean. I am not naturally motivated to clean--so having somebody come over just for that purpose really helps get me going. Ruth (not her real name) and I got along really great. She was a good hard worker and we had lots of conversation and prayer together.

In rehabilitation, a person's life is very structured. Everybody gets up early in the morning, does chores, goes to Bible Study, works, goes to church etc. (That is if the rehab is faith-based). After one year, Ruth graduated with flying colors. Her mom had been taking care of her 5 children during that time - and left to go back to LA as soon as Ruth came home to the apartment. Ruth came home to 5 children, no job, no car, and the very same environment where she had previously been on drugs. NOT GOOD.

After two months, I looked her up because the other house-cleaning situation was not working out. Ruth and I had a friendship and a good rhythm together. I needed her. Ruth was not doing well. She was utterly overwhelmed with no structure, no job, no car, and 5 children. She managed to limp along with the children's needs, but mostly she slept to avoid getting back into drugs.

I started picking her up to come and clean my house--but 50% of the time she wouldn't make it. She was sick, or too tired, or had a toothache, or........... I prayed and did not give up. In my visits, I got to know her children - 5 pretty sweet kids living in chaos (I will use that word a lot).

At church I was leading a Wednesday night group on prayer. What we did was pray--different kinds of prayer; contemplative, warfare, sidewalk prayer (praying as you walk different areas). We were having quite an experience together with God. Our last class - we went to the apartment complex on H Street and knocked on doors to pray for anyone who wanted prayer. Several people wanted prayer - and the kids flocked around us to be prayed for. I got kind of an idea what it might have been like to have Jesus, and have kids surrounding you.

I started to go on my own to the apartment complex just to pray and read scripture. I would find a chair in the courtyard and sit against a wall and pray and read scripture. Isaiah 28 came up over and over as scripture God lead to me. Victor Matthew's warfare prayer inspired me to pray over this apartment and the people living there.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Julie and I were in the backyard and I casually mentioned that someday I would like a patio under the citrus trees in my backyard. Julie looks over the area and tells me, "We can do it."

"Yeah, right! Jules, we need strong guys to move dirt and make it level - and I'm thinking maybe even a professional."

"We can do it Mom."

Well, it seemed pretty near impossible to me and so Julie gave up.

A few moments later, "Julie, do you REALLY think we can do it?"

"Yes, Mom, but you don't really want it right now and so that is OK."

"Oh no, I really want it. Do you really think we can do it?"

"We can do it."

"OK Julie, then let's do it. If you think we can do it - let's go for it!"

And so we did. Amazingly ambitious.......BUT WE DID IT!


Julie shoveled dirt and filled in low spots while I raked it level. Many trips to Home Depot to get sand, imitation flagstone pavers, bark, and planting soil.

We poured on the sand and worked to level it with a couple of long boards and when it was pretty level, we started adding the pavers.

After the pavers we filled in the cracks with planting soil and spread the bark around the edges. BEAUTIFUL!

We moved our yard furniture over to the new patio - and voila! When it gets a little cooler, we will plant baby tears between the pavers.


I couldn't believe it. We did it in two afternoons. Wow! Thank you Julie! One of my dreams come true with not much money and not nearly as much work as I thought. What a wonderful gift.

PS: If you already read COMFORTABLE, go back because I added SWIMMING, READING, AND PIES.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love my daughter Julie and I am grateful to her for such a comfortable and relaxing vacation.

We are comfortable with each other. Even comfortable with discomfort. We are careful – because we want to be respectful of each other and our different points of view – but we are comfortable with that too – because the tension that comes from different points of view is understood and accepted. Julie and I both have strong opinions about things – so it is important that we give each other wiggle room. She does – and I hope I do too.

This zone of comfort includes Sean (who joined us for 4 days) as well – and perhaps more so because he does not have the angst that children and parents have cultivated and also I think because...everyone is comfortable with Sean :-)

All this leads to an incredibly relaxing vacation time together. Nobody needs to entertain or be entertained. The venue of the day has more to do with what somebody, anybody really wants to do – or not do.

For the last two years, Julie and I may have started a tradition by starting off her vacation in California with three days at the beach…her favorite beach, Carpinteria. It is home to our family. It is the beach where we spent the most vacations and even day trips while our kids were growing up. This year we invited my mom to join us. We had a lovely, relaxing, sometimes even sleepy time together. The weather was perfect.

Mom and I picked up Julie from LAX and stopped at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey for lunch. We were all pretty hungry - the food was great and the place was beautiful.

We checked in at Best Western Hotel in Carpinteria - and trekked immediately to the beach to catch the rest of the day's sun.

Ah-h...beautiful warm California sun.

I have never enjoyed laying in the sun for very long. The beach always inspires something artistic in me; and this time I started by collecting driftwood of various shapes and sizes. That, and a comment from Julie that one stick looked like a bird, and I was off--creating as I go. I loved it - and Julie loved soaking the sun, and mom loved taking a nap and reading. Very comfortable.

The next morning - Mom remembered a trail along the beach somewhere on the south end of Carpinteria. We searched (with some doubt whether this trail was worth it) and found it. It was a winner! Beautiful walk together in the morning and lots of discoveries :-)

Below is quite a group of seals, sea gulls, and other bird life.

I love the pictures Julie took on our walk of the succulent and the railroad tracks.

More to come later. :-)

Swimming, Reading, and Pies
We picked up Sean from LAX after our beach trip. Our visit with Sean was accented by pies. It WAS vacation - and we wanted pies. Two double cream lemon pies (our favorite), one razzleberry pie, and one german chocolate pie (not our favorite). This is a picture of Sean. He was sent in to Marie Callendars to buy the last two pies. He actually wasn't too happy about the picture - but he obliged. (Thanks Sean)

We spent lots of time at the pool - lounging, swimming, reading. Mostly we were the only ones at this huge pool - and a bit annoyed when anyone else would come to swim. We had come to believe it was OUR pool.

This is either a very sad conversation - or two very tired and relaxed guys. It is the latter. Notice they both have books that they had been reading.

Gorgeous California girl. OK, Colorado girl from California.

See! I told you we had the whole pool to ourselves!

Can you guess whose legs?

Too soon we had to take Sean back to LAX - but we got to stop in Manhattan Beach and eat dinner with Andy, Lyndsey, and Gwen Scout. This is Gwen outside the coffee shop showing us her foot?

Bye Sean, we wish you could have stayed longer :-(
Like Julie, I have delayed posting anything yet in June which includes a wonderful 11 day visit with Julie. Sean got to come and share 4 of those days. Right now I want to share with you Julie's recent blog about Lyndsey, Andy, and Gwen Scout visiting Julie and Sean in Colorado.

I am so thrilled for my grown children to enjoy each other's company and OF COURSE Gweny. So enjoy with me Julie's blog on Andy and Lyndsey's vacation to Julie and Sean's in Colorado:

Monday, May 19, 2008

An "E" Ticket weekend with Gwen Scout

Disneyland used to give you a packet of tickets when you paid at the entrance. There were "A" tickets, "B" tickets on up to "E" tickets. The "E" tickets were the best rides - like The Matterhorn. You were always sorry to run out of "E" tickets. This blog is about our 4 day weekend with our granddaughter Gwen Scout - an "E" Ticket weekend for sure!

Hi Mommy and Daddy! Do you want to know what I did at Gamma and Gampa's house? OK I'll tell you. Gamma had a swimming pool outside and I got to hold the hose and help fill the pool with water. This is me doing my water dance. See how I put out my leg just so?

Gamma gave me LOTS of watermelon popsicles that Gamma made from real watermelon. They are yummy!

I also ate strawberries.

Gamma and I picked berries and ornies. The berries were yummy too. It was fun to ride in the wagon with Gamma to the ornie trees.

We made a train in the kitchen. I put Elmo in the front. It was fun to make a train. And see...I'm eating more watermelon popsicle!

Mommy, did you know Gampa has a race car like Lightning McQueen? He DOES! and I always like to drive the race car. Gampa stayed out with me and gave me popcorn while I drove his car.

On Saturday Gamma dried the pool and brought it into the house and poured a bag of balls into the pool. Oh Mommy! I had so much fun running and kicking and rolling in those balls. I laughed and I squealed. It was REALLY fun. You can watch me on the video below.

On Sunday after my nap, Gamma and Gampa drove to Great Aunt Kim's house. I went outside and played in the water with Aubrey and I saw a real turtle. I got to touch it too! That's their dog Mary standing by me. (and I am eating another watermelon popsicle!)
Then we went inside to play. Aubrey had two dolls and let me play with one of them.

We also had good food at Aunt Kim's house. I ate a hot dog and corn on the cob.

At Gamma's house I played outside with Gamma a lot. See Daddy, I put the walrus and the bird in the boat.

Daddy, Gamma showed me your doctor kit and I was the doctor for my baby. I checked her eyes....and her ears....and her mouth. I also listened to her heart. My baby was good. Good eyes. Good ears. Good mouth. Good heart.

Well, I think I will go back outside to play in the pool. By Mommy and Daddy! I'll see you soon. I love you!

Gwen Scout

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This may be a great disappointment to many of you. It was definitely a shock to me. My husband has informed me that I am not the center of the universe.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Did you know Grandma has arnie trees? I got to pick arnies from the tree. Grandma showed me how to peel an arnie.

Then I ate it!

Um-m-m-m! So juicy!

Thank you Grandma!

Medical Internship. Eat your heart out Uncle Sean!