Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dr Mercola
The Presidential Prayer Spanish
Southwest Airlines
Yahoo! Reminder
Oriental Trading Company

Now this is NOT to disparage the forwards I get - or even some of the newsletters I subscribe to. It's just....when I open up the list of emails - there is always a hope in me...."Did I get some real mail? My eyes search down the list and..."there one is! A FRIEND!" and I get to read a message or a response.

And then there are the times I open up my server and click on the INBOX and there's nothing but reminders, forwards, and newsletters. That's OK I tell myself, but that doesn't take away the slight disappointment.

Just want you to know - that when I get an email from you - it gives a spark to my day and a smile on my face. It is always good to hear from my family or a friend. How are you anyway? :-)

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