Monday, May 19, 2008

An "E" Ticket weekend with Gwen Scout

Disneyland used to give you a packet of tickets when you paid at the entrance. There were "A" tickets, "B" tickets on up to "E" tickets. The "E" tickets were the best rides - like The Matterhorn. You were always sorry to run out of "E" tickets. This blog is about our 4 day weekend with our granddaughter Gwen Scout - an "E" Ticket weekend for sure!

Hi Mommy and Daddy! Do you want to know what I did at Gamma and Gampa's house? OK I'll tell you. Gamma had a swimming pool outside and I got to hold the hose and help fill the pool with water. This is me doing my water dance. See how I put out my leg just so?

Gamma gave me LOTS of watermelon popsicles that Gamma made from real watermelon. They are yummy!

I also ate strawberries.

Gamma and I picked berries and ornies. The berries were yummy too. It was fun to ride in the wagon with Gamma to the ornie trees.

We made a train in the kitchen. I put Elmo in the front. It was fun to make a train. And see...I'm eating more watermelon popsicle!

Mommy, did you know Gampa has a race car like Lightning McQueen? He DOES! and I always like to drive the race car. Gampa stayed out with me and gave me popcorn while I drove his car.

On Saturday Gamma dried the pool and brought it into the house and poured a bag of balls into the pool. Oh Mommy! I had so much fun running and kicking and rolling in those balls. I laughed and I squealed. It was REALLY fun. You can watch me on the video below.

On Sunday after my nap, Gamma and Gampa drove to Great Aunt Kim's house. I went outside and played in the water with Aubrey and I saw a real turtle. I got to touch it too! That's their dog Mary standing by me. (and I am eating another watermelon popsicle!)
Then we went inside to play. Aubrey had two dolls and let me play with one of them.

We also had good food at Aunt Kim's house. I ate a hot dog and corn on the cob.

At Gamma's house I played outside with Gamma a lot. See Daddy, I put the walrus and the bird in the boat.

Daddy, Gamma showed me your doctor kit and I was the doctor for my baby. I checked her eyes....and her ears....and her mouth. I also listened to her heart. My baby was good. Good eyes. Good ears. Good mouth. Good heart.

Well, I think I will go back outside to play in the pool. By Mommy and Daddy! I'll see you soon. I love you!

Gwen Scout

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This may be a great disappointment to many of you. It was definitely a shock to me. My husband has informed me that I am not the center of the universe.