Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Did you know Grandma has arnie trees? I got to pick arnies from the tree. Grandma showed me how to peel an arnie.

Then I ate it!

Um-m-m-m! So juicy!

Thank you Grandma!

Medical Internship. Eat your heart out Uncle Sean!


Saturday morning when I got hungry, Grandma and I made moonies [smoothies]. Grandma let me put in the blueberries, the raspberries, and the strawberries. Then I got to watch grandma buzz it all up.

Look Mommie, this is what we made!

Grandma and I are drinking our moonies.
M-m-m-m Moonies are good!

Friday with Grandma and Grandpa

Hi Mommy!

Grandma wanted me to tell you about my day and I said OK.

About 1 a.m. in the morning I kind of woke up and tried to go back to sleep singing my sleepy song--but eventually I opened my eyes enough to realize--"Hey! I don't know where I am!" Then, forget the sleepy song, I want my Daddy!

Guess what! Grandma was right there and said "Hi Gweny!" and she picked me up and showed me I was at her house. That was OK with me, but where was Daddy? She walked me down the hall and said Daddy was asleep in that room. Yeah. That was OK.

Grandma took me in the living room and guess who was sitting on the couch smiling at me? GRANDPA! He said real soft, "Hi Gweny." And I was happy to see him. Then I saw lots of toys and I wanted to play. Boy mom, you should have seen all the toys. I got to open a present of Eddie and Sarah Lynn dolls. "E-d-d-i-e!" I like my Eddie. Grandma and I stayed up and played a long time. Grandma got tired and laid down on the couch. Funny Grandma! She said all my toys were getting tired and so I needed to go to bed too. I guess that was OK. I got a drink of juice and went to bed with my Night-Night.

In the morning I woke up a little grouchy--but not too much. Grandpa and Grandma were up and Grandpa was getting ready to go to work. Daddy was up too.

Feeding Elmo

Mommy! Guess what! I saw ELMO--and he danced and sang me a song and everything. He came ALIVE! I was so excited and happy. He sang to me alot today. Grandma showed me how to squeeze his hand and make him sing. I like Elmo...a lot.

After breakfast we went to see where Grandpa works. All these people came up to me and smiled. I didn't like it. I never saw them before--but one lady had a box of Sponge Bob toys....LOTS OF 'EM! Didn't matter I didn't know her--forget her....look at these TOYS! She let me wear her Sponge Bob backpack. I showed Daddy. We thought the backpack was pretty cool.

We went home, I ate lunch, and Daddy put me down for a nap. I kind of didn't want to...but Daddy helped me...and then I got REALLY sleepy and slept a LONG time.

We did lots of things when I woke up. I helped Daddy wash the car. I rode with Daddy in the wagon--Grandma pulled us BOTH. She is really strong. I put Elmo in the wagon and pulled him. I don't quite get the wagon thing--because I don't like to walk backwards--so I pushed the handle on the wagon which made it move in circles. Weird.

Grandma showed me a mother bird who was sitting on her nest. Guess where she built her nest? IN A FLOWER POT on a shelf outside. Grandma told me to be real quiet. We looked at the bird. She looked at us. She wasn't even scared.

I got to help Grandma cook dinner. She let me help close the door on the microwave and push the button. She let me stir the food in the pan. It's OK Mom, I was real careful because Grandma told me it was hot. I got to help her take the peeling off the onion, and I helped Daddy set the table. I like to help.

After dinner, Daddy and Grandpa went to hear music. Grandma and I went outside and said goodby. I forgot to tell you that two ladies came over and talked with everybody and ate dinner with us. Grandma said her name was Grandma--but that couldn't be right. And the other lady was named Julie, but that couldn't be right either because she was not my Aunt Julie. I was confused so I just ignored them.

Daddy talked to Grandma about a bath and Night Night. I didn't like that word bath. I didn't want a bath. Grandma was nice to me and we put all my toy friends in the bath. I didn't mind if THEY went in the water--but I didn't want to. Grandma tried getting in the bath with me--but I kept one leg in the air reaching to get out of the bathtub. She washed me quick and talked nice--but it didn't help until I knew the bath was over. Whew! I thought I was going to die.

I showed Grandma my pretty silky pajamas. She thought they were very pretty. I wanted to wear them. I played with Elmo--but then she said Elmo had to be quiet and go to bed. After she said that Elmo couldn't sing anymore. She read me some stories and then let me pick some toy friends to go to bed with me. I picked Eddie and the clown and some cars. Grandma has this light that changes colors right by my bed. I played a little and then went to sleep.

I love you Mommy. Grandma told Grandpa and Daddy that you and Daddy are a wonderful Mommy and Daddy. I knew that, but how does Grandma know?

I love you Mommy. XOXOXO! Gweny

Friday, April 04, 2008

POSTING for those who complain.
My sister shamed me for not putting up any posts of my granddaughter. It has been so long since I posted--that she even took me off her list of links from her blog. Now I DO feel bad. But the lack of posting reflects how incredibly sick and then busy I have been. I am a student at Bakersfield College taking a 5 unit class in Spanish--combining both semesters in one. I am starting a new ministry--well actually I started it a year ago--but took a new leap into renting an apartment for a ministry base. I have lots to learn, but I am LOVING it. Besides that, I don't get to see my little granddaughter NEARLY enough--but I am going to post some pictures so my sister will stop complaining. (Hers and my niece-in-law's blogs are FILLED with granddaughter pictures--so I can't really compete--but here some of them are:

Gwen Scout McCraw, say HELLO!