Friday, April 04, 2008

POSTING for those who complain.
My sister shamed me for not putting up any posts of my granddaughter. It has been so long since I posted--that she even took me off her list of links from her blog. Now I DO feel bad. But the lack of posting reflects how incredibly sick and then busy I have been. I am a student at Bakersfield College taking a 5 unit class in Spanish--combining both semesters in one. I am starting a new ministry--well actually I started it a year ago--but took a new leap into renting an apartment for a ministry base. I have lots to learn, but I am LOVING it. Besides that, I don't get to see my little granddaughter NEARLY enough--but I am going to post some pictures so my sister will stop complaining. (Hers and my niece-in-law's blogs are FILLED with granddaughter pictures--so I can't really compete--but here some of them are:

Gwen Scout McCraw, say HELLO!



The Thompson Family said...

I LOVE it! Thanks Marti for that little Gwen Scout fix...I needed it! Now when was it that she is staying with you? Aubrey is looking forward to hanging out :)

Kim said...

All right sister!!! A POST and PICTURES, you out did yourself!! She reminds me so much of Andy and Julie. KIM

julie.oldroyd said...

I'm glad you finally put something up.
But can you please post more recent pictures of my Gwen Scout? Please, please? For those of us who only get to play with her twice a year?