Saturday, June 09, 2007


In typical Marti-fashion, I had set me keys down somewhere during/after? unloading a full car. Two hours later when I needed to go--I could find no keys....ANYWHERE!

This happened in April. A month later we were trading in my Explorer for our new Prius.....and still no keys. Attached to my keys was my remote key to the Explorer. Surely, any day I would find the keys and be able to take the key back to Toyota. key.

Usually, God answers my pleas for finding things fairly quickly--but the answer to this prayer was eluding me. Journaling, I wondered--what are the the "keys" God wants me to find? Are there some important KEYS to my life that I have lost? Have I lost my keys to the kingdom? What are the key things God wants me to remember?

Maybe he wants me to remember what he has taught me in the past. Lord help me to find your keys--the keys you gave me a long time ago. Help me to use everything you have taught me. Jesus you ARE my key. Thank you for finding me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Months later, I was standing in the garage, talking with Ron and Michelle about her son Ruben. Since Ron had driven him home in his red convertible a few days earlier, Michelle wanted to know what he said. Ron responded that Ruben was like a lot of kids--mostly quiet. Didn't say much.

I remarked that I had finally figured out (from being with Jr. Highers for several years) that being quiet is just what they do sometimes--and it isn't good or bad--it's just what they do. And I happened to look across to the other side of the garage--and there in a corner that is usually dark.............on top of a box............... WERE MY KEYS! I screeched! I did my happy dance and "Thank you Jesus!" exclamations. I have been looking for my keys for MONTHS!

I found my keys when I remembered what God had taught me about people who don't talk much. Silence in conversations with others and with God is an important key for me to find. Sometimes I need to be silent and just listen...even when there is no talking.