Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last night my husband sat me down to tell me something I did not want to hear. He was worried and needed me to know his concerns.

His whole career - Ron has carefully and sacrificially worked two jobs to make sure that when he retired we would have a livable monthly income. Due to changes in economy - we lost quite a bit in stock - but his retirement and leftover investments make it possible for us to do good enough.....we thought.

Ron has been listening and reading carefully about the government's new health care program that will probably go through. It might be good for those with little income and no insurance. For us it is a disaster. According to government-based estimates on the current health bill's delineations, the health care plan will require one fifth of people's incomes over $40,000. That means one of us will have to work - or we will have to forgo the vacation, education, or ministry plans we have had.

I did not want Ron to spell this out to me because I knew if I REALLY listened I would be mad. I WAS mad, angry, FURIOUS! that after ALL of Ron's hard work so that we could be free during this time of our life to travel and see our grand kids - we will have to keep a tight budget and probably have to work.

I had been studying the same issues. Ron wondered why I had not been more concerned. I told him I counted on the American public - to revolt when they realized how much money the government was going to take out of their income - WITH NO CHOICE! and with a penalty if they choose something different -- EVEN JAIL! I can't believe that Americans who work hard for their income would sit listlessly by while the government experimented with our income. This is a program for which we have to pay taxes for several years before we reap the benefit of ANY health care - I just don't see how Americans would tolerate that.

Most of us feel helpless. Congress is not listening to us and doesn't care what we want or what is important to us. Health care reform is needed - but this is health care suicide! I would like to encourage each of you Americans to listen carefully to both sides and check the facts. If the fury I experienced last night is ANY indicator of the fury Americans will have once they understand what congress has signed us into - I believe the energy needed to stop this insanity will be generated.

I pray for God's mercy and wisdom - and that Americans will see and understand and act before it is too late.

The following confirms the high costs involved:

Meet the Press. December 20, 2009
DEAN: "The Senate bill says you can charge three times as much for somebody who is older than who's younger, now, the House says twice as much. In Vermont, it's 20% more. It's 1.2 times what an 'ordinary' person pays. That's clearly not... there is going to be insurance that's unaffordable. Suppose you make $70,000-80,000 a year, you could end up paying $20,000 for your insurance under the Senate bill. So, there are some big, big problems."

Liberty Counsel: Next, the Congressional Budget Office admitted that it had miscalculated the cost of the bill, noting that it would cost more and save less than they had previously predicted. On Sunday, the CBO's Director felt compelled to admit that, "The imprecision of these calculations reflects the even greater degree of uncertainty that attends them."

Because details of current health care reform bills are hidden by congress, it is difficult to make accurate estimations. However, it is a consensus that health care reform will be costly - and the most costly for small businesses and seniors.