Friday, October 03, 2008

Over enthusiastic beginnings

Fall is my new year. It is when things start over gain. Maybe it is a layover from my school days. Maybe it is because my husband is a high school teacher for 30 years. But mostly, I think it is because summer is a time to take a break from schedules and deadlines and events - and just bar-b-que, or swim, or go to the mountains, or sit in your back ground and watch the trees grow. Beautiful. Evenings last forever. Dinners start later. Summer is more laid back

But FALL. Now it is time to schedule new things, make new commitments, reconstruct those dreams and get moving! I love it! The sky is the limit. I can do anything!...until October....and then NOVEMBER...and Oh my gosh DECEMBER! Which makes me eager for a little pull away in January. A little MORE pull away in February - a retreat in March - A frenetic April and May (finishing all those deadlines, dreams, and events that I committed to) and finally SUMMER! An excuse to set all those terribly demanding items in my life down and concentrate on blue skies, swimming pools and barbecues.

Mind you that woven throughout all of these laid back and frenetic days - is woven all the regular every day stuff that must be attended; grocery shopping, bills, taxes, birthday and xmas shopping, etc.

Well - I think I have been overenthusiastic this fall. I have led with my heart and over-committed and now I want out! I even had a dream about a guy that was so obsessed with his work that he had to take a one week vacation and let someone else take over. That would be ME. Why is it that perfectionism is often paired with procrastination? Isn't that a mean trick?

So now I am asking God to show me how to cut back, shorten up, crop, and simplify. "My burden is light, my yoke is easy." So what the heck am I doing with this huge unwieldly yoke on my shoulders? I'm taking this thing off for awhile so I can walk with Jesus and let him show me how to do it. Wish me luck!


jules.oldroyd said...

I just saw your "that's one more thing I'll never do" on your side bar - made me laugh. I just picture you with your exasperated face, rolling your eyes, throwing your arms to your sides, your head back, mouth gaping in frustration.

But don't worry, Dad's key is REALLY safe. No one will EVER find that spot. Ever.

Marti said...

Fortunately it was MY remote key for Dad's car. He still has his.