Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayer for 2500 H Street

(Abortion Clinic)

Lord, when you brooded over the earth – and spoke light into the darkness – and separated the water from the land—you had a good and wondrous plan for this piece of land we now call 2500 H Street. Holy Father – we love you – and know that you reign supreme over all. Satan has claimed this land for his kingdom of destruction and death - but Lord, today, in the name of Jesus, we reclaim this land for life and the glory of God. Circle this property Lord, and all the people in it. Establish truth and righteousness on this land.

Holy Father, we consecrate this land to holiness and righteousness. We anoint this land in the name of Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit to belong to the one true God and no one else. Lord we dedicate this property you – the Truth, the Life, and the Light. O Lord, my Lord, how majestic is your name on 2500 H Street. May this building be transformed by you into a house of life. Cleanse this property Oh Lord. Wash it with the blood of your Son Jesus Christ and banish every evil spirit that dwells here. May every curse and hex placed on this building boomerang on its author. Banish Satan and his demons from all abortion in our city and send them where they belong into the lake of fire.

Lord, bring out your plans for this land. Replace the sounds of sobs and tears into sounds of joy and laughter. May it become a place of worship inside and out. Already Lord the circumference of this land has been established as a place of worship. Already Lord your saints have washed the sidewalks with their tears. Honor the prayers of your saints. Honor the words of scripture and love that have already made their home on this land. Pour your blessings on the songs of worship that have been sung celebrating and honoring you as Our Holy Father.

Lord where there has been fear – establish your peace. Where there has been anger – establish your love. We praise your name for the transformation that has already begun on this land. We sing great hallelujahs for the lives that have been saved on this property. I am amazed Holy Father at your amazing love that draws your people to this place as a place of prayer. Thank you for establishing this place as yours. Thank you Lord for bringing your people here and establishing your holy church by their prayers and their presence. Thank you Lord. Your goodness and your power is more than I can comprehend.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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