Friday, September 26, 2008

Vacuum Cleaner In My Day

Yesterday in my devotional I was encouraged to lay out my schedule and ask God, "Do you want me to make any changes? Is there anything I need to be aware of?" And along with the scripture I was reading - that if I love Jesus I will obey him--we wrote together a list of items for the day for which I would seek to be obedient.

This morning I looked over my list - and everything I had circled and desired to accomplish had been accomplished.

I practiced obedience when I went grocery shopping (I didn't want to). I practiced obedience when I took good care of Kelsey (she is woven into my day). I practiced obedience when I brought out the vacuum cleaner to take to the apartment which badly needed vacuumed. I set it behind the car to put it in as soon as I got a few other things, realized I was late, hurried and got my stuff....and yes, you guessed it, I drove over the vacuum cleaner. I heard a little thump and thought maybe all would be well. I got out to check. All was not well. I picked up my broken vacuum cleaner like a limp baby and put it in the back and wondered, "God? Got any help for me here?"

When stuff like this happens - because it is ministry related (I was on my way to the Bible Study at the apartment with 3 apartment women) I understand spiritual warfare is in play. Then I get excited because I know God is about to do something important. Satan always gets anxious when he is going to lose ground.

But I thought maybe I was being a little presumptuous about this - and started asking God if there was more. Yes, there was more. IF I had looked at the little screen on my Prius which HAS A CAMERA ON WHEN I AM BACKING UP - I would have SEEN the vacuum cleaner. If I hadn't been in a hurry - and had LOOKED at the screen which I had paid for - my vacuum cleaner would still be alive. Little lesson: God has provided everything I need - but I need to slow down, look, and listen.

So, on the way to the Bible Study I considered my ways and tried not to lean on my own understanding. That means being remorseful but not beating myself up. I prayed the repair would not be expensive - and went on my way to a Bible Study for which no one showed.

That's OK. I spent the hour with Jesus and then drove to the vacuum cleaner place where we had purchased my vacuum cleaner. He looked up the warranty (we had bought it from him) and it had a 7 year warranty and the replacement and repair WOULD BE COVERED! Not only that, but he showed me how to put the cloth bag inside out and wash it in the washing machine. So at the end of the day--I would have a vacuum cleaner nicer than the one I brought in.

So, was this the work of the devil? Maybe. Was it the work of God? Absolutely. What an incredible God I have who weaves every incident into my life with love and care. God help me to notice and be grateful.

PS: That night we went out to dinner with a couple from the apartment - and may have had a huge spiritual breakthrough with both of them. Satan loses more territory. Go JESUS! :-)


G'ma said...

Isn't it wonderful when yuou can see the results all in one day. God answers prayer. Tonight after seeing Pres, I had a strong yen for a taco--which I knew I shouldn't have. It dawned on me that Satan was tempting me, and immediately God took away the urge, and I forgot about it. God cares I know! Mom

Anonymous said...

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