Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Sorry about the no blog thing. Right now life is too good to sit and ruminate. Besides, I gotta go walk right NOW! I keep reading/hearing that as you grow older you have to work twice as hard to keep up your muscle mass. And lately I've noticed, "Hey! where is my muscle?" So exercise I must.

Little joke: Last year for Christmas Ron bought us a Wii set. My son recently asked me if I was doing Wii Fit. My answer: "Wii don't have Wii Fit so Wii is not fit." :-)


The Thompson Family said...

Hey Marti,
Please keep us updated on Baby Lyla's birth status on here (or in real life)

:) Barbie

caitsdizinno said...

Your wii joke is pretty amazing. Thank you for your comments and for breathing life into the fantastic being that is Julie Oldroyd. We have developed ourselves quite the little friendship, so unlikely and so absolutely life saving. And along the same lines as your comment on my blog, I so appreciate that soul of hers; willing to laugh at herself and at the same time care deeply about love. My life has been better knowing she is out there.