Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The umbrella lays on its side in the wagon. We got out the umbrella to shade the little pool where Gwen played in the sun with protection #55 for a little body already brown from the sun. Every activity was mostly wreathed in smiles that dance in her eyes as effectively as any smile with her mouth.

A tumble let us know it was too soon for the wagon--but it was hard to gauge. She walks like a trooper at only 11 months old, and manages the balancing act of stepping up over a hose, or stepping quickly off the hot cement. One minute sitting in a squat-like position, the next minute standing and taking steps! What miracles had to happen for walking like this to occur? Just a few months ago she was helpless--not even able to roll over--and now she is walking and talking.

The Fisher Price house is still out where she discovered putting things into a fixed shape or down a tunnel. It was tough at first--but I could see her brain and hands working together to get it. Such incredible determination. Lord revive that determination in me!

Only two forbidden places that posed some danger. Our fireplace was just high enough to climb and dangerous enough to injure if she fell. I forget--How do you set those limits again? and how firm or soft are you supposed to be? I could be fierce in my "No!" and I know it would break her heart. I watched mom and dad experiment with limit setting--and watched them favor softness to avoid the broken heart. Mom's and dad's know. I don't think I ever got used to setting limits that broke a heart or fostered anger. I think I usually looked for another way. Sometimes those hearts take a long time to mend.

I listened and watched with amazement as Gwen "caught" meanings of words and imitated them almost as quickly as she discarded them. She has the concept that words have meaning and that mom and dad connect them with objects and activities. She loves mimicking--seemed as pleased as we were with the applause and congratulations!

I watched her light up to Grandpa's smile and favor interaction with him, even though she isn't quite ready to stay in his lap.

So I'm not really in any rush to put things away that remind me of their visit. It was fun and relaxing, with no need for "entertainment". Gwen was our show and I would have paid premium price for up front tickets.

My grandma heart is full for now with fresh memories of soft skin and dancing eyes and busy hands and feet. That new ache I started feeling a month ago is gone for now. I never had the pain until Gwen Scout was born.

I love you Gwen Scout. Andy and Lyndsey--you are the best parents in the world. Thank you for lighting up our life with that little girl. Jesus--babies are maybe the best idea of all your creations. They bring out life in all of us. Thank you.


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The Thompson Family said...

:) Simply and sweetly stated. She is precious!