Thursday, April 19, 2007

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

It is good to stop and praise God. It is good to remember how good he is and that he is powerful and listening. It is good to remember that Satan is only renting the apartment and God is the landlord of this earth we live on. I am amazed at God's patience and mercy with our grotesque and cruel acts of murder and denial that He is God alone.

Lord here is victory. Here your name is glorified. Here the world recognizes something significant has happened. Thank you for protecting your little ones. Help us not grow weary. Help your servants rise up in multiplying numbers to honor you, honor your creations, honor your truth and goodness.

Thank you Lord for this decision. Thank you Lord for every person's prayer, every leader's action, every lawyer's voice, every letter, every email, every late night, every effort called forth by you to give these babies life.

Forgive us Oh God for the death we watch, the life we fail to fight for, the deaths of those who fall at our own hands, our own ignorance, our own denial. Thank you God for your mercy on the cross--as we butchered the Author of Life--"Forgive them for they know not what they do."

And then..."take up your own cross"...."what they have done to me they will do to you." Rise up in us OH God to be your faithful obedient servants of love and life. Give us your compassion for our sin--and your wrath at evil--and your softness and gentleness to woo each of us unto yourself. Not banners and trumpets and marches of anger--but glasses of water and meals of healing. Bless us Oh God with your prayers, with your insightful questions. Bless the media as your mouthpiece to the world. Push aside the evil on the loudspeaker, and speak out with your authority established since the beginning of time. Blow your trumpets and sound your horns against the opposition that would destroy and rot. Rise up in us Oh God as resurrection power in our lives to be your faithful representatives, ambassadors that shine forth the love, glory, and power of God Almighty. In Jesus name, Amen. and Amen.

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