Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I have memories like Bob at Grandma Skeen's house. Playing outside in the leaves, climbing the apricot tree in the back, and playing and talking inside while we could smell delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Cooking was clearly Grandma Skeen's domain. I don't remember much more than a Thanksgiving prayer and lots of good food. I don't remember much Thanksgiving conversation at Grandma's. Did we?

Then we graduated to Mom's house on
Carr street. Lots of food and pies. Mom always doing more than her share. Sharing the Thanksgiving Story and personal Thank You's. Babies and kids everywhere and lots of sweet chaos.

As our extended family boomed--the McCraws pulled away for one peaceful holiday a year with our own family. We had such good times together, making placemats, taking silly photos. Everyone got to make something for the dinner (except Ron who never cooks). Andy was always in charge of slicing the turkey. Between Julie and Andy--they made the green bean casserole, the yams with marshmallows, and the frozen cranberry salad. Sitting down at the table--we all took turns sharing for what we were most grateful. I remember Kelsey always loved Thanksgiving--and loved the mashed potatoes and turkey and gravy. It was a special treat for her too. Usually we traveled to Grandma's house for dessert and to see the rest of the family.

Now our kids are adults--and farther away--and we needed to pull back into our extended family again. Thanksgiving with two or three of us is kind of empty. So we have joined the Burdette Clan again. It is getting more and more important for me to connect with siblings and nieces and nephews--because the importance of family is taking on a new perspective for me. There is some kind of thrill and comfort in hearing from Jacob, and Annie, and Wendi, etc. There is some renewed sense of joy when I get to hug Peter and meet his sweet wife Tracie. Traveling to see my sister Julie with Mom was wonderful--and satisfied some deep need in me to connect, and laugh, and talk, with my family.

I LOVE MY FAMILY! I love you guys,


Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Mom, Grandma Marti ;-)

PS: Mentioning all 17 cousins and families would have been laborious--so I hope you all gave me some slack. The love is there too.


Annie said...

love you too! sad to miss Thanksgiving... I remember frozen cranberry salad. I think it was salad. What is the extended family doing this year?

Bob said...

Here are a few more memories I have from the Thanksgiving table at Grandma Skeen's:
Iced of the few times I could drink something besides milk!
Name placards at each seat...not sure why...
buttermints and nuts in a paper cupcake shaped "dish" at each plate.
The "waterfall" inside the patio room and the square shaped "coco mat" rug that covered the floor in the patio room.
Once again we will be away from the extended Burdette family for Thanksgiving. This year we will be celebrating it with our kids in Hawaii. Perhaps some new traditions will be started (one for sure is I will be smoking a turkey using Mango wood chunks instead of hickory). I am thankful for all of this family as well. Thanks Marti for letting me express it on your blog.