Saturday, April 18, 2009


Grandpa gave Gweny "Arthur" which she is showing you with Grandpa

Gweny took face painting VERY seriously. Posing so you could see Thomas the Train on her cheek. And then her James the Train Tatoo!

Beauty is a very serious activity.

Squeezing in to see.....

A Model Train.

All in all - the day was wonderful - interrupted by a few grouchy unhappy times that didn't last very long. Thomas the Train was GREAT! He looked just like any child (or adult) would imagine. Adults might think this day was a bit hoaky. But just look at Gweny's face and see if SHE thought it was hoaky...NOT! (never tried to spell hoaky that right?)

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The Thompson Family said...

So fun! It was SOOOO hot on Sunday that it was difficult to enjoy, but riding Thomas was totally worth it to the kids. Your grandbabies are adorable. :)