Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When Kelsey was here - I was never sure what it was she was doing all the time - but I was pretty sure it was spiritual. All kinds of God-activity going on around her all the time.

Now that Kelsey is not here - I am never sure what it is she is doing all the time - but I am pretty sure it is spiritual.

It feels so odd not to be able to kiss her face when I want to. The memory of touch is still clear. Touch is what she and I knew.

Death is so odd. Kelsey is here but she is not. That was true most of her life.

Ron and I sometimes wish for just one or two days with our 2 year old Julie or Andy. There is that same sort of wistful wish with Kelsey. Just a day would be nice.


The Thompson Family said...

Marti, this post made me cry. Not sure why. Maybe because loss is so permanent and eventhough Kelsey is obviously in a better place, I wish you could choose a day here and there where you could bring her home to kiss and snuggle her. Thinking about you.

Marti said...

Thank you sweet Barbie. Your thoughts are appreciated.