Thursday, June 10, 2010


floor plan&audio guide
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Looks simple enough. You have a map. You have an audio guide. All you have to do is punch in the number and listen....NOT!

Each one of those floor plans has SEVERAL levels, twists and turns and the items (although numbered) aren't organized in reasonable fashion with obvious markers.

This electronic guide would be a video players dream by just making it through the maze. It was a challenge. Like in a video game - my whole goal was just to get there. I was often worn out/stressed out by the time I actually found an item. And who KNEW what I wanted to see. (How does one decide with an incredibly huge number of items to choose from what I actually want to see?)

I call this the TOYS R US of Museums. WAY too much to see to make any sense or good choices.

The GOOD - it was a great exercise for my brain that is not used to having to pick up what seemed like obscure clues. Another few days and I think I would have had it nailed :-)

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