Friday, January 23, 2009

OK. I'm ready for the easy part - the free ride - the blue skies - and picnics under the tree. is winter. Inside and out.

It is waking up to grey skies.

Huddling with blankets and rice packs to keep warm at night.

God must get so tired of his fickle folks.

We sailed on the wings of eagles and prayers saying goodbye to Kelsey.

And now?...not so much.

Remember all those responsibilities?

Remember all that unfinished business with people? with Jesus?


Could somebody plug me in? There is an outage over here.


Bob said...

Ah sweet sis. Know that you are being prayed for! Feel our God holding you and comforting you. His hands are big enough to hold you...just as you did with Kelsy. We love you.

The Thompson Family said...

Oh Marti, sorting through all of your emotions must be so hard right now. May you find rest in knowing that Lord is with you and Kelsey. Praying for you.