Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is supposed to be a picture of a monster on this page. I followed the directions for posting a picture using the URL that was acceptable. Not here.

So...imagine a monster. Green. Big round snarly face. Yellows of the eye with green iris. Frowning snarl. Teeth. Webbed Feet. Ugly.

I am entertaining several of those guys right now. One is named, I Cuda-Shuda-Wuda. I cuda told them I wasn't ready. I shuda told them I wasn't ready. I Wuda told them I wasn't ready....but I wasn't ready.

The other monster is named, I Can Do It Myself with the converse monster, I Can't Do It Myself. These two monsters fight each other all the time - making people stand aside and watch. I'm tired of the fighting. I'm tired of being alone.

There is this slimy lump of a monster that is olive green and looks like he is melting with a lump still in the middle that hasn't melted yet. This monster will rear up sometimes and make himself huge and tall and fiery red. His name is, I Don't Want To. I don't want to....exercise, I don't want to read the Bible, I don't want to do the dishes, I don't want to watch that TV show. I don't want to write Thank You notes. I dont' want to make that call. I don't want to pay that bill. Of course this monster is good friends with the other monsters.

Then there is the Monitor Screen/Keyboard Monster - who begs me to come and use all my time with him alone. I like this monster. This monster is very nice when I am frustrated or lonely or bored. This monster lets me write what I want to write - browse what I want to browse - shop what I want to shop. I love to feed this monster. This monster gets very fat. This monster has a great "escape and forget and spend" factor. Plus - this monster can eat HUGE amounts of time--without me realizing it. The other monsters are big and scary. This monster seems so friendly. I like this monster.

So do you know any good Monster-Fighters? I don't feel much like fighting. Right now I rather enjoy entertaining these monsters.

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