Thursday, September 03, 2009

for my granddaughter

When Gweny comes to visit we make popsicles. Sometimes I cut pieces of watermelon or cantaloupe and put a popsicle stick in it and freeze them. This time we had leftover strawberry and banana smoothie, so we made popsicles. They are always healthy and Gweny lvoes them. They are a snack that isn't very filling - so she can have one whenever she wants. Happy Gweny. Happy Grandma.

for my, Ron's dog

We bought a Kong for Cody when he was pretty young. A Kong is a hollow toy to be lined with sticky stuff like peanut butter or honey. Thought it was a great idea, but honestly - in a few minutes Cody had licked out the peanut butter and I couldn't figure what was so wonderful about Kongs? THEN Cody's trainer said she fills them and FREEZES them. Now it takes a LONG time for Cody to finish his popsicle. Keeps him busy.

What do I fill them with? Well, I googled "Kong recipes" - and there are some great ones that basically got me going. They mentioned mixing stuff with canned pumpkin because it is thick and easily flavored. Tonight Cody enjoyed his peanut butter and bacon flavored pumpkin-sicle. YUM! Two days ago I soaked his dry dog food in water until mushy and added oatmeal, yogurt, and a little bacon fat. Both Cody and Phoenix LOVE their treats.

Kong Recipes:

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